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Ens Mistletoe (Phoradendron Bolleanum)
  • Ens Mistletoe (Phoradendron Bolleanum)


    Suggested Dose: 1-10 drops

    Mistletoe Oil + Ethanol + Water Soluble Polysaccharides + Mineral Salts + Alkaloid Extraction

    Planetary Correspondence: Sun

    Origin: Mount Shasta, California

    Mistletoe, a semiparasitic plant, holds interest as a potential anticancer agent because extracts derived from it have been shown to kill cancer cells in vitro to down-regulate central genes involved in tumor progression, malignancy, and cell migration and invasion.

    Mistletoe extracts have been shown to enforce natural killer cell -mediated tumor cell lysis, reduce the migratory and invasive potential of tumor cells, and stimulate immune system cells both in vitro and in vivo.

    Three components of mistletoe, namely viscotoxins, polysaccharides, and lectins (all of which are present in this Spagyric extract,) may be responsible for these effects.

    Viscotoxins are small proteins that exhibit cell-killing activity and possible immune system–stimulating activity.

    Lectins are complex molecules made of both protein and carbohydrates that are capable of binding to the outside of cells (e.g., immune system cells) and inducing biochemical changes in them.

    In view of mistletoe's ability to stimulate the immune system, it has been classified as a type of biological response modifier. Biological response modifiers constitute a diverse group of biological molecules that have been used individually, or in combination with other agents, to treat cancer or to lessen the side effects of anticancer drugs.

    Mistletoe extracts have been demonstrated in preclinical settings to have other mechanisms of action, such as antiangiogenesis. Especially in Europe, where it is commonly employed in various medical practices. This is not too common in the United States, but deserves so much more attention than it currently receives.

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