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Quintessence of Honey

Quintessence of Honey


Suggested Dose: 1-5 drops daily; Drops should be consumed by diluting them into a beverage (kombucha, water, tea, coffee, etc.)

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Quintessence of Honey is an Alchemical Preparation of the worlds seemingly perfect food, one of the only foods that naturally preserves indefinitely, never rotting even in the most extreme conditions. Honey is ancient as is the cultivation and work with it, dating back thousands of years. It’s a well documented fact that Beekeeping had been practiced for thousands of years in Egypt… where it was used for embalming, to preserve bodies for eternity. There was even ancient honey found in King Tut’s tomb, still completely edible. It’s a Panacea in every sense of the word, even in it’s raw form, so it’s easy to see how powerful honey is once it has been philosophically prepared. The Quintessence of Honey is suitable for internal consumption & topical application. Its characteristics make it a great option for topical use, keeping open wounds from getting infected. Its presence naturally stimulates skin healing & helps to reduce scaring. The Quintessence of Honey can also stimulate dormant injuries and urge them to correct themselves. This effect works for internal and external injury.

  • anti-bacterial

  • anti-fungal

  • anti-oxidant effects

  • immune booster/builder

  • helps to ease infectious sicknesses (colds, sore throats, etc.)

Honey has been traditionally used to treat Ulcers, heart - liver - & Kidney disease, as well as fevers and skin conditions. Health practioners, both ancient & modern, use(d) honey applied directly to the skin as to keep one appearing physically young. In regards to the skin, we can see that the Quintessence of Honey has powerful healing effects on burns, rashes, and abrasions when applied directly.

The Quintessence of Honey corresponds with the Sun, the illuminator of all things. Metaphysically, it can help to spark one’s consciousness & bring light to subconscious/unconscious patterns, helping to break cyclical modes of thinking and bring about a sense of clarity. Honey tends to be associated with love, abundance, joy, happiness, peace, contentment, drive/purpose and direction. Working with The Quintessence of Honey intentionally with this in mind makes it a great sacrament!

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